• A flash light or a torch – A flash light or torch is a must when you are at the camp as there will be no electricity inside the camp. Electricity is only available outside camp.
  • Carry Your Power Bank – However, we have many charging points available at many common places in our camp but we will suggest you to carry your own power bank!
  • Some t shirts and short pants – These are for rafting. Make sure you bring cloths that will dry quickly.
  • Woolens or warm clothes – You must bring something warm to wear at the camp as the evenings are pretty cold. However, you will need warm cloths and woolen caps only during December to February. Otherwise a simple warm jacket will do just fine.
  • A change of clothes – Don’t forget to bring some extra clothes with you for changing. However, don’t carry too much clothing.
  • Footwear – Bring at least two pairs of footwear. One sandal or loafer for rafting and one sneaker for roaming around the camp. Remember don’t bring anything with hard soles.
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks – If you care to go for a swim in the river.
  • You will need protection from the sun. Hence don’t forget your sunglasses, caps and cord for your specs as well.
  • A good sunscreen lotion is a must.
  • Bring your own toothpaste, tooth brush and soap as well.
  • Although there will be first aid box at the camp don’t forget your personal medication.
  • Your own personal camera to capture the memories and scenic beauty of the camp.
  • Remember, you will not get any alcohol or cigarettes at the camp. So Bring your own.

A few important tips:

  • Bring a light luggage with you as there is a long walk to reach the camp and you will have to carry your own luggage.
  • Don’t bring trolleys or suitcases with you.